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Good morning friends   Hope everyone has had a good week. As Ive been mentioning we have new friends and returning faces. I posted our newest friend Kara in my previous [...]

Please welcome Kara

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Afternoon friends   A few things to get to...but in this post Id like to introduce the young 21yr old, sexy, and charming Kara. She has a very upbeat and enthused [...]

Happy Easter!


Afternoon friends Hope everyone is enjoying there holiday weekend. Wanted notify everyone due to tech issues with site update emails are currently down. I hope this problem [...]

Another new pic


Good morning friends  Hope everyone is having a good week. I posted some more new pics in my profile. If you haven't check them out let me know what you think? 💭 I'll [...]

Forums & Friends

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Good morning everyone,   Hope everyone has had a good week.  If you haven't yet be sure to check out our PGC forum boards. These are informational boards [...]
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